Mandarin Garden Buffet Restaurant
Set Dinners

                                              COMBINATIONS FOR ONE
                                                                      (Add One Can of Pop for only $1)

                                         A.    Choose Your Favourite One Item
                                                              on Steam Rice
                                                              (Seafood add $1.50)          

                                   B.     Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice
                                                     Sweet and Sour Pork
                                                              Egg Roll (Veg)

                                   C.     Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice
                                                           Beef Chop Suey
                                                              Egg Roll (Veg)

                                    D.     Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice
                                                      Beef with Green Bean
                                                          Almond Chicken
                                                                     Egg Roll (Veg)

                                    E.     Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice
                                                          Beef and Broccoli
                                                Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
                                                                Egg Roll (Veg)

                                    F.     Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice
                                                           Beef Chop Suey
                                                     Sweet and Sour Pork
                                                     3 Deep Fried Prawns
                                                                Egg Roll (Veg)

                                    G.     Lunch or Dinner Buffet Take-Out
                                                             (Some Restrictions Apply)

                                                            FAMILY DINNERS
                                                                     (Add First 2L Pop for only $2.75)

                             DINNER FOR 2                                         DINNER FOR 3

                             2 Egg Rolls (Veg)                                      3 Egg Rolls (Veg)
                       Chicken Chow Mein                                 Chicken Chow Mein
                       Sweet and Sour Pork                                   Pork Fried Rice
                         Beef Chop Suey                                    Sweet and Sour Pork
                                26.99                                                     Beef Chop Suey

                             DINNER FOR 4                                DINNER FOR 5

                             4 Egg Rolls (Veg)                                        5 Egg Rolls (Veg)
                     Special Chow Mein                                   Chicken Chow Mein
                     Chicken Fried Rice                                      Special Fried Rice
                   Sweet and Sour Pork                                 Sweet and Sour Pork
                        Beef Chop Suey                                          Beef Chop Suey
                Breaded Almond Chicken                         Breaded Almond Chicken
                               49.99                                                   Deep Fried Prawns

                            DINNER FOR 6                                DINNER FOR 8

                           6 Egg Rolls (Veg)                                          8 Egg Rolls (Veg)
                  Chicken Chow Mein                                     Special Chow Mein
                    Special Fried Rice                                        Special Fried Rice
                 Sweet and Sour Pork                                  Sweet and Sour Pork
                       Beef Chop Suey                                       Chicken Chop Suey
            Ginger Fried Shredded Beef                     Beef with Black Bean Sauce
            Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls                         Vegetarian Fu Yong
                    Deep Fried Prawns                                       Sesame Chicken
                              72.99                                           Ginger Fried Shredded Beef
                                                                                           Deep Fried Prawns

                                                                   DINNER FOR 10

                                                                    10 Egg Rolls (Veg)
                                                          Special Chow Mein
                                                           Special Fried Rice
                                                       Soya Sauce Vermicelli
                                                        Sweet and Sour Pork
                                                Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
                                                           Beef and Broccoli
                                                         Vegetarian Fu Yong
                                                  Ginger Fried Shredded Beef
                                                    Breaded Almond Chicken
                                                             Sesame Chicken
                                                         Deep Fried Prawns

(Extra Charge for Substitution)








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